Cuba 2016

In 2016 I had the opportunity to visit Cuba a few times. I have a couple of cousins that live in Havana so whenever I find a cheap flight, I go. Here are some of my favorite shots from my trips.

My Mini Doughnut Cravings Take Over :(

I have a crazy obsession with mini doughnuts. Ou just the thought of warm gooey dough covered in sugar and cinnamon makes my mouth drip! In Calgary ( the city I live in) there is not many places where you can go to get some quality warm mini doughnuts. Roosevelt use to have them now they only have them for brunch on weekends. Like come on who can wake up for brunch on a weekend. But thankfully an new spot called Paper St. has opened up. Their menu has a variety of street foods including mini doughnuts 😍!!

While reading the menu I also found a pretty cool little friend chicken appy that I needed to try. Here is a pic of the fried chicken waffle cone, its layered with garlic mash and
maple slaw. Everything I ordered was amazing I will definitely have to go back next time I have a craving.

Vegas was Hype!

I had a blast in Las Vegas last week! The highlight of my trip was when I got to see the DJ Esco show at Drai’s Nightclub. I am a huge fan of Future and I love his Mixtapes that are in created with DJ Esco. I’ve been listening to The last one E.T. on repeat since it came out a few weeks ago.

The best thing about events in Las Vegas is that ladies always get in free. I didn’t have to pay and I got to see someone I really wanted too! I got to see Reverend RUN DMC and Dj Tiesto, I also went to some UFC pool party.. So I would say it was a good trip! I’m gunna to have to go again…

Gucci’s Back!!

First off I would like to thank god for letting Gucci out a little early..

When he was locked up I had really missed him and would listening to Diary of a Trap God every time I’d be craving some new Gucci. But still, I’m shocked at him for creating the song “Back on Road” with Drake.

(it’s a good song, I actually love it but whenever Drake comes on a little part of me is like really Drake… Really now… Do you know what its like to be locked up inside. No? Okay.)

It’s a fact that I have my own controversial opinions about Drake but Gucci usually never dose the mainstream thing. Many rappers that he has worked with in the past have merged into mainstream rap, like Niki Minaj, Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa but I never expected Gucci to go that way.

Gucci’s newly released track called “All my Children” is lit! He decided to drop the track Friday June 23, 2016children. It reminds me of classic Gucci. Produced by Drumma Boy, the beat and the repetitive hook remind me of his tracks Stupid and Wasted. I also like the lyrics, and I get the whole father feel.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.17.12 PM

All My Children Lyrics:
“Don’t nobody love you like Guwop love you
I had to make a track to say I’m proud of you
Stop that track to tell my children that I’m proud of them
Making rockstars out of trap boys
And if we never talk again, still got your back boy”

Gucci is the father of Trap Music and no one can debate that. Gucci and the group of producers that he has been working with have changed the rap game completely.

GuWop also released a exciting statement promoting his new album Everybody Watching!  It will be released on July, 22! (I can’t wait!!)
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.02.02 PM(I just hope he does less tracks with mainstream artists like Drake- Who loves to pretend to be some type of gangster even tho we all watched him growing up on Degrassi. He is a good actor tho)


Last Minute Vaycay?

A few weeks ago my girl friends got together for a regular girls night. As per usual they started drinking and ended up drunk by the end of the night. While drunk they decided to book hotels and flights to Las Vegas!

I was so shocked like what? where ? when? I was also a little upset because I have been bugging them to go to Mexico or somewhere with a beach. But they bought tickets and reserved hotels that same night, they let me know the day after and asked me to come as well..

I am currently planning and saving for a Euro trip, I am going to be in Europe for a whole month this summer and I can not wait.

But all I could think was, I have never been to Vegas and I don’t want to miss out! I can’t just pick up and travel when I have school in the Fall. I should save for my Euro Trip and my mom will literally flip on me lol.

Or I could just go and say fuck it, I  know it will be a good time!

I tried to book it 3 times before I successfully hit the purchase button instead of the exit one. So now I am ready, I’m ready to go be a cliche, be a basic bitch who looks forward to a Vegas trip.

Hello World!

I created this blog to have a place where I can publish my work as a young journalist. I recently graduated from a journalism program. I graduated into a world where journalists are feared and unable to find jobs. (TBH I don’t want a job! I am continuing my education in the fall so I’m just trying to see the world and have fun.) As a fresh journalist I wanted a place to unleash my creativity and this blog will be my place to do so, sure its not professional and I have no guidance.. but is it really a bad thing to find my own way..?