Last Minute Vaycay?

A few weeks ago my girl friends got together for a regular girls night. As per usual they started drinking and ended up drunk by the end of the night. While drunk they decided to book hotels and flights to Las Vegas!

I was so shocked like what? where ? when? I was also a little upset because I have been bugging them to go to Mexico or somewhere with a beach. But they bought tickets and reserved hotels that same night, they let me know the day after and asked me to come as well..

I am currently planning and saving for a Euro trip, I am going to be in Europe for a whole month this summer and I can not wait.

But all I could think was, I have never been to Vegas and I don’t want to miss out! I can’t just pick up and travel when I have school in the Fall. I should save for my Euro Trip and my mom will literally flip on me lol.

Or I could just go and say fuck it, Iย  know it will be a good time!

I tried to book it 3 times before I successfully hit the purchase button instead of the exit one. So now I am ready, I’m ready to go be a cliche, be a basic bitch who looks forward to a Vegas trip.


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