How to Do Cancun

In May 2017, I went to Cancun Mexico for my first time. Cancun is a great place to party, relax, and see sights. I was surprised to see such a happening downtown catered just to tourists but I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Here are my tips on how to do Cancun.

Where to stay?

If you go to Cancun I’d recommend staying on the strip, which is on a main boulevard in the hotel zone called blvd Kukulcan. Blvd Kukulcan is the road that is along the beach and leads to the downtown of the city. If you stay at a hotel on this road and you want to venture into the city to go to a club or whatever you can easily go to the road and wave down a bus that will take you there faster and cheaper than any cab. A cab can cost up to 30$ depending on where your hotel is but the bus is just 10 pesos which is like $1.50 and stops when you wave! Which is pretty cool.

What to do?


Cheesing Through Chichen Itza Photo by: MA

Make sure to check out some Mayan ruins! Chichen Itza is the most popular Mayan ruin as it has made UNESCO’s list of the modern world’s 7th wonders. There are many torus and excursions that you can sign up for.


Sinking in the hole, Photo by: Tina Amini

Go to a Sinkhole! Cancun is located in the Yucatan peninsula, which is filled with nearly 7000 natural sinkholes that they call cenotes. Some of these cenotes even connect to each other through under ground rivers and there is torus you can sign up for that take you through them. It’s really a breathtaking experience to be able to swim in a sinkhole (cenotes).

I chose a Chichen Itza tour that took us to the cenotes, after swimming we got a nice lunch and then the tour took us to the popular pyramid Chichen Itza. It was honestly one of the best days of my life as I had an awesome experience, I crushed my fear of swimming in dark waters and I got to explore a majestic wonder of the world.


Swimming with the fishes, Photo by: Tina Amini

Go snorkeling while in Cancun, because the world’s second largest coral reef is located along it’s coast. It’s a national park and a beautiful place to discover. I went on an evening snorkeling tour and I had a good time, I saw some pretty fishes.

Go to Coco Bongo. Coco Bongo is a night club with extravagant shows and performances. It’s kind of like a circus you can get drunk at.

Eat at a fancy Restaurant! At least for one night venture out to a restaurant that looks nice! I went to Restaurante Puerto Madero and it was amazing they treat you like royalty! I had tasty lobster meal that I will never forget.

Overall I really enjoyed Cancun. I am the type of traveler who likes to stay in hostels and discover the real feel of wherever I am, but considering the current situation with cartel wars in Mexico I am happy I decided to stay at a resort. The resort was perfect for Cancun because I felt safe there while I could easily venture into the city. I hope this little entry about my Cancun 2017 trip persuades you to visit the beautiful city! With world wonders, live nightlife, coral reef, good food and amazing beaches you wont be bored!


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